The Town Lands Charity was established in 1927 by four local landowners who provided 22 acres of land with the objective of using the income from renting the land “to help the poor of the Parish of Fen Drayton generally”.  In summary, help was to be given to a) poor and needy people and b) people living in Fen Drayton.

This is reflected in the updated version of the objective, “For the public benefit, the relief and assistance of people in need as a result of poverty, ill-health or financial hardship living in the parish of Fen Drayton by providing grants, items and services to individuals or charities or other organisations working to help such people.” The Charity continues to rent land to generate income of a few thousand pounds per year.

Registered charity and Trustees

The Town Lands charity is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (number 232191).

The registered office address is:

The Town Lands Charity, registration number 232191

c/o Parish Clerk

Fen Drayton Parish Council
PO Box 1102
Fen Drayton
CB24 4WZ

The Fen Drayton Parish Council councillors are trustees of the charity

Grants to help residents through the cost of living crisis

With effect from 1 October 2022, The Town Lands Charity is making available grants of up to £100 in supermarket vouchers to Fen Drayton households who are suffering serious financial hardship as a result of the cost of living crisis. Applicants can re-apply for another grant if the need arises.

To apply for a grant, residents should send the following information by post or email to the Fen Drayton Parish Clerk directly, or via the Fen Drayton Parish Council website below.

All applications will only be seen by the Parish Clerk and will remain completely confidential

Application for a cost of living grant

The Town Lands Charity

c/o The Parish Council Clerk
Fen Drayton
CB24 4WZ

07704 023534

    Terms and conditions for provision of a grant to households in Fen Drayton

    • Applications can only be made for a household that is listed on the Fen Drayton electoral roll
    • By making the application, the person representing that household believes that their household will suffer serious financial difficulty during the period October 2022 to March 2023 inclusive
    • The application can be for any value up to £100
    • All grants will be paid as supermarket vouchers
    • Applicants can re-apply for another grant in the case of continuing financial difficulty. Grants are limited to two per household subject to the Charity having sufficient funds
    • Approval for the payment of a grant will be made by the Fen Drayton Parish Clerk subject to the Charity having sufficient funds
    • All applications made to the Fen Drayton Parish Clerk will remain confidential